Manufacturer and Supplier for Education Market

Case Study


Founded in 2003, the client is a leading provider of educational furniture, toys, and supplies for schools, childcare centers, and homes. With a commitment to quality and innovation, they offer a wide range of products designed to enhance learning environments and promote child development.


The client’s primary source of revenue was from their cloud hosted e-commerce platform which processed payments from multiple payment channels including Venmo, American Express, and Shopify. With increasing cyber threats and the importance of safeguarding customer data, the client recognized the need to enhance the security of their e-commerce platform by implementing Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), providing comprehensive employee training, managing offsite backup, and managing vulnerability patches.


The Measured team conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the client's cybersecurity posture, which enabled them to see all gaps in their current security. Measured presented the client with a comprehensive cyber liability quote including suggestions for mitigating any gaps in their environment. The client enhanced their security posture, resulting in the successful implementation of vital security measures.


Measured delivered comprehensive, AI-driven approach to accurately price the risk of a cyber attack. The collaboration with Measured’s Underwriting and Security Consulting Teams yielded significant outcomes for the client:

  1. Comprehensive cyber coverage: a personalized action plan which, in partnership with AWS, provides the optimal coverage in the event of an attack.
  2. Heightened security: implementing Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) bolstered the security of customer data and sensitive information, thus, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and cyber-attacks.
  3. Ongoing, active threat monitoring: the client demonstrated a proactive approach to data protection, aligning with industry regulations and ensured consistent and strong cybersecurity posture.

The entire process was streamlined and simple and left the client empowered to manage future risk.